Does Your Child Need Routine Medical Care Or Emergency Care?

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That is the million dollar question for most parents. When a child gets ill, the first instinct for most parents is to panic and rush to either try some kind of treatment or go to the hospital. To avoid getting into this panicked situation, it is important to take a few minutes to read up what are common illnesses that children suffer from that require routine, non-emergency care and which ones require emergency care.

A Look At Common Pediatric Illnesses

We all know a child who has been ill with a cold, fever, sore throat or flu. These symptoms usually develop in response to an allergic reaction, during high pollen count days or being otherwise exposed to the flu virus.

However, even though the symptoms do not require emergency care, it is best to take your child to a pediatrician so that the proper diagnosis can be made and the proper treatment given. The reason is that some illnesses, such as fever, cold, sore throat and flu symptoms could be either symptoms of the flu or they could be caused by an allergic reaction. Without a proper diagnosis by a qualified pediatrician, you run the risk of giving your child medication unnecessarily or worse still, the wrong medication.

Earaches are another common childhood illness that may not require emergency treatment but going to a pediatrician is still advisable s that the right diagnosis can be made.

A Look At Emergency Pediatric Illnesses

Some children go through their entire childhood with just one or two emergency hospital visits, whereas for other children, visiting the emergency room is almost routine. This is because their bones are still not strong enough and easily break while they are playing in the playground. Other emergency situations include being poisoned and bleeding severely.

Difference Between Home Care And Pediatric Care

Pediatric centers are fully equipped to deal with all types of childhood illnesses, routine and emergency. All of the staff in these facilities are also highly trained in different aspects of child care and are experts in their field.

When you take your child to a pediatric care center, the pediatrician or pediatric will do a quick diagnosis and either refer you to a specialist within the care center or they will treat your child themselves. A correct diagnosis means your child will receive the right treatment within the shortest time possible so they will be healthy and happy again as soon as possible.

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